Monday, August 8, 2016

I wanted to thank you so much for all of your hard work in making my son's Bar Mitzvah such a complete success. The food was amazing!...You are all the best!
Thank you for your services during our first gala. We look forward to working with you for future events! The food, service and set up was perfect! Thank you!
The day went seamlessly. I was, naturally, nervous about all of the details and needs being communicated between all vendors prior to the event. However, I spent no time at all worried or running around hectic to control everything. All the vendors worked together extremely well- Alan was very communicative and took control which allowed us to completely enjoy the day. I really appreciated the personal attention and touches- such as being provided drinks and food throughout the day without seeking them out. My mom also commented on how thoughtful it was that she was brought food and encouraged to relax and enjoy. 

I received countless, almost constant compliments on everything from the service, to the decor, to the food, and especially the air conditioners. 

The day was an absolute dream, my guests had a great time, and ultimate caterer provided excellent communication, service, and food/drinks. 

Thank you! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Weddings to Remember: How to have the perfect winter wedding

Given the natural magic of the season, a winter wedding can be a perfect setting for a magical night to remember. Many couples embarking on the wedding planning journey are discovering that not only does the winter provide a much less hectic time in the wedding season, but it also adds that unique touch so many couples are looking for. Don’t be fooled, though. Winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular, and you will still have to book in advance to secure your venue and vendors!
Ultimate Caterers in Marlboro, N.J. can help you every step of the way. We love winter weddings especially because of that added touch of magic the season so naturally brings. Whether you are looking for a winter wedding at the Jersey Shore, or a wedding in Bucks County, PA., we can help you find not only the perfect, unique location but we also have some great winter wedding ideas!
Winter Wedding Fashion
A wedding during the winter months does not take away from wedding fashion as some might think! Rather, it can add to it! Brides, bridesmaids and even flower girls can wear beautiful shawls to the ceremony and reception that can add unique detail that would not be available for a spring or summer wedding. The season also gives the couple the opportunity to add rich colors to the bridal party using sashes, jewelry and shoes. The groomsmen can add these same rich colors to the tuxedos or suits for the cummerbund, tie or pocket square.
Winter Wedding Decorations
What is more romantic than the glow of soft holiday lights? This is a beautiful and simple way to bring the magic of the season alive at your wedding. String the lights across the ceiling of your venue and you are instantly transformed to a magical place. In addition to lights, flowers of the season, particularly Christmas, lend themselves to the rich beautiful colors that can be used throughout the wedding. White and red Poinsettias as well as holly and hunter green colors create a warm and romantic atmosphere any couple would love.
Crystals are also a great way to capture the winter season reminiscent of icicles and snow. Use crystals in the center pieces and even add a touch to the bridal party fashion!
If you are recently engaged and planning a 2014 winter wedding, or you are a few months away from your perfect winter wonderland day, and need some help, call Ultimate Catering at 732-577-0490 or visit us online!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

He Wants a Band -- You Want a DJ. How to Make Compromises Work For Your Wedding Day.

When planning your wedding music, the best approach is to share your personal music selections while taking a sensitive approach to your wedding guests. This is even more important when the guests represent a diverse age range that includes many generations.
Think about the type of music genre that best reflects your personalities, and your guests. The final selections help to create the ideal ambiance for both of you and your guests.
By way of introduction, Ultimate Caterer in Marlboro, NJ not only specializes in weddings, but other major events that include birthday parties and even bar and bat mitzvahs.
Helping couples with wedding music selections is only one of the many services that we offer. We also walk our wedding couples through every aspect of their planning and provide them with details about our trusted partnerships that include locations, tent companies, flooring companies, DJs, and photographers.
If you intend to hold the wedding ceremony reception at the catering facility, then you and your groom will need to review and select the music for the wedding. If your ceremony involves more than one faith, you should carefully review the music traditions and customs of each faith.
If both of you are still at odds over the direction to take for your wedding music, it's not worth drawing a line in the sand over this decision. One simple solution we recommend is to use a combination that includes a band and DJ for your dance sets. This also gives the band opportunities to take breaks while maintaining the atmosphere and excitement.
Bear in mind that the band is entitled to take breaks, and without a DJ they may provide some type of recorded music. That being said, a DJ is much more fun.
The following check list is a great guide for planning purposes:  
    *    Prelude music is the music that sets a mood prior to the wedding ceremony as your guests arrive
    *    The all important bride and groom entrance song (We strongly recommend that you make this a joint decision).
    *    Cocktail hour and dinner provide excellent opportunities for soft ballads mood music, and perhaps even a cool jazz ensemble.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that should be filled with sweet memories. We're here to help you make that happen.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Plan The Perfect Fall Wedding On The East Coast

Planning a wedding is by no means a small task. In fact, planning the perfect wedding might just seem unobtainable, except that fall is here and the timing just does not get much better for a wedding on the east coast. The leaves are changing colors, and the weather is cooling off—it is a perfect time to get married. So, whether you want to get hitched in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or somewhere in between, here are some useful tips on how to plan the perfect fall wedding. 

Go With The Season 

From your table centerpieces, to the bouquet, weddings in the fall are not meant to have themes from the spring, or any other season for that matter. In other words, you want the colors at your wedding to coincide with the colors of fall. Shades of brown, orange, yellow, and maybe even purple, will go great in your fall wedding. You may even think about incorporating other subtle fall elements, like pumpkin or squash. 

Plan For The Inevitable  

Regardless of whether your wedding is in urban New York, or rural Pennsylvania, on even the warmest fall day you will want to have heating lamps and candles as your reception goes on into the evening. Some event staff, or even caterers will naturally take this precaution, but it is always a good idea to make sure your guests stay warm once the sun goes down. 

Plan For The Unpredictable 

As lovely as the fall season is, the weather is still quite unpredictable, and at the very least colder. For such reason, it is best to pick a date for your fall wedding that has proven historically to have the best weather of the season. While this method is by no means foolproof, it does however, present you with the best possible chance of avoiding rain and other unfavorable wedding weather. All you have to do is pick a given date in the past with the best record of clear skies, and then hope history repeats itself.   

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Nothing enhances the specialness of your wedding day better than finding the perfect wedding dress. It is a visual statement of your beauty and personality and it remains as an enduring symbol for one of the happiest moments in your life.
That's one reason why so many women spare no effort in choosing a wedding dress that fits what they envisioned for their weddings. Choosing the right dress starts with knowing what you want and knowing how to find it.
The first step is deciding what type of dress fits your style and personality. You want a gown that matches the type of wedding you are planning. This will help you decide on formal, informal, romantic or modern designs. Shop with an open mind so you will be open to gowns not originally on your wish list.

When you can visualize how the gown should look, it's time to go shopping. Try on enough dresses so you
can find the one that flatters your body and matches your personal style. You can take along a mother, sister or best friend to offer advice on each gown. Still, don't select a dress based on their tastes. You are the one who needs to feel happy with it.  
Be careful to not go overboard. Modeling every wedding gown in the store will wear down your patience and make it tough to narrow it down to a final selection. You can get an excellent idea of what you really want after testing out a few dresses.  
Consider dresses that fit best with your wedding budget. You can make adjustments on how much you spend if a better gown is available at a slightly higher price, but don't break the bank. Give yourself plenty of time to make a good decision. It can take a few months to find a dress, have alterations made and buy it.  
Once you've chosen your wedding gown, Ultimate Caterer can help you take care of your wedding day catering needs. As the leading wedding caterers in New Jersey, we work to get every detail right for your special day.