Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Weddings to Remember: How to have the perfect winter wedding

Given the natural magic of the season, a winter wedding can be a perfect setting for a magical night to remember. Many couples embarking on the wedding planning journey are discovering that not only does the winter provide a much less hectic time in the wedding season, but it also adds that unique touch so many couples are looking for. Don’t be fooled, though. Winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular, and you will still have to book in advance to secure your venue and vendors!
Ultimate Caterers in Marlboro, N.J. can help you every step of the way. We love winter weddings especially because of that added touch of magic the season so naturally brings. Whether you are looking for a winter wedding at the Jersey Shore, or a wedding in Bucks County, PA., we can help you find not only the perfect, unique location but we also have some great winter wedding ideas!
Winter Wedding Fashion
A wedding during the winter months does not take away from wedding fashion as some might think! Rather, it can add to it! Brides, bridesmaids and even flower girls can wear beautiful shawls to the ceremony and reception that can add unique detail that would not be available for a spring or summer wedding. The season also gives the couple the opportunity to add rich colors to the bridal party using sashes, jewelry and shoes. The groomsmen can add these same rich colors to the tuxedos or suits for the cummerbund, tie or pocket square.
Winter Wedding Decorations
What is more romantic than the glow of soft holiday lights? This is a beautiful and simple way to bring the magic of the season alive at your wedding. String the lights across the ceiling of your venue and you are instantly transformed to a magical place. In addition to lights, flowers of the season, particularly Christmas, lend themselves to the rich beautiful colors that can be used throughout the wedding. White and red Poinsettias as well as holly and hunter green colors create a warm and romantic atmosphere any couple would love.
Crystals are also a great way to capture the winter season reminiscent of icicles and snow. Use crystals in the center pieces and even add a touch to the bridal party fashion!
If you are recently engaged and planning a 2014 winter wedding, or you are a few months away from your perfect winter wonderland day, and need some help, call Ultimate Catering at 732-577-0490 or visit us online!

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