Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bayonet Farm

As a full service Caterer specialized in unique wedding locations in NJ, NY and PA we were so thrilled to be the first caterer to do a wedding at the Bayonet Farm located in Holmdell, NJ. Nestled by lush green fields, amazing blue skies and beautiful barns, this is an ideal location for some one looking for a differant country style feel without having to go very far.. Our beautiful bride looked stunning as she walked down the trails in her western style boots ordered from London and her Spanish Gown ( more details on that in part 2 of our blog post) . The day was so beautiful so here are some sneaks of the lovely Bayonet Farm.

Photos by Feuza Reis.

A little history of the farm. For More info please visit www.bayonetfarm.org

" Bayonet Farm is a one-of-a-kind property owned by Holmdel Township. The unspoiled 240 acres feature farmland, historic buildings, and barns acquired by Holmdel Township in 1985 through purchase with Green Acres funding assistance and partial donation by the late long-time resident, Laura Harding and her sister Catherine Harding Tailer. "

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