Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Clients

Below is an email I sent to Alan Perl of Ultimate Caterer. He catered my wedding reception in July 1997 and my family was THRILLED with the service and food and value. Being transplanted New Yorkers, we were interested in having a reception that would rival a typical New York wedding (a cocktail hour that would fill you up, a sumptuous dinner, and an incredible array of desserts). Alan's company provided everything we hoped for and more. The cocktail hour honored our backgrounds -- my Italian and Asian upbringing, his southwestern upbringing. The selection at the stations were incredible. My husband and I got an off the menu meal, while our guests had a choice (to be made at the table) of a delicious beef or chicken entree. We were able to "make" our wedding cake from a variety of choices of cake, filling and icing flavors. Needless to say, we've never had a hazelnut cake with canoli filling and white chocolate icing anywhere else! And the Viennese table rivaled anything I've ever eaten from an Italian pastry shop in Brooklyn!

Not only do we (my parents, my husband and I) talk about the food at our reception, but our guests still compliment us on it! Our wedding was 13 years ago and people still tell us how great the food was! Even my coworkers who are originally from New York talk about it when the subject moves to wedding receptions in the office. If you want to have a memorable catered event, I would highly recommend Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterer! People will be talking about your event for years, even decades (!), to come. Alan, I don't know if you remember me or not, but you catered my wedding at the Ramada Inn East Windsor in July 1997 (the company was called A Posh Party at that time). Jeff and I have been married nearly 13 years now (and have 3 kids!), and I can say that people STILL tell me what a wonderful wedding reception we had. Ours had the best, most delicious, and never ending array of food. When I think of all the food, delectable desserts on the Viennese table, and the cake, I still salivate and smile. My parents and I attended my cousin's wedding in Tucson, AZ last month, and it was a nice casual event with a Mexican food theme. It was good, but not memorable. The following week my parents attended a wedding in Cadwalader Park. They again told me that mine was the BEST wedding they've ever attended.

I'm glad to see you are still successfully catering. We'll refer our friends to you and hope our paths cross again.

Best regards,

Jeanne and Jeff King

Thank you Jeanne and Jeff and so many others who are part of the Ultimate Family. We heart you all and keep the love coming our way.

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