Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything I expected plus a little extra!!!   posted 12/5/2011
First off, when we arrived to cocktail hour I was excited and intrigued by the elegantly designed drink table with a mixture of wines and various martinis. Alan the owner sold it to me during our meeting to speed up the bartending service during the initial rush of cocktail hour. It was brilliant because with in 15 or so minutes the drink table was empty and it seemed all the guests had drinks in hand. The staff were surprisly nice, because most people in the food and bev industry seem a little bitter over time, but this staff was pleasant and smiled everytime an appetizer was offered. The Bartenders were efficient and knew all the common drinks that would be served. We went with the Buffet package because we did not want any guests to complain they did not eat enough. We had delicious Penne Vodka (def recommend it), a Carving station with crab/spinach stuffed pork loin and london broil, a light salad with some vinagrette dressing, an assortment of dinner rolls and pecan encrusted salmon. The food quality alone is worth the price, along with straight forward sales process which Alan and Jennifer helped guide me through. We had an amazing time and I am sure my first daughter to wed had just as memorable an experience. I would definitely recommend them to my son whenever he decides to settle down. My favorite part of this caterer was that they personalized a package for my event and traveled to my remote location of the party. To top off the night, they passed warm cookies with cute little milk shots to wash them down. To my surprise the young lady passing the cookies was still smiling 5 hours into the party. I was shocked and tipped every server after the party for a great job. Thank you Ultimate Caterer and keep up the great work!!!  

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