Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Review of Alan Perl of Ultimate Caterer

My planning started with Ultimate. I had such great guidance through my choices that, in the end, everything was tasteful, elegant, and the food was exquisite. They set up in their own truck and served all the food perfectly hot and elegantly presented. People raved about it. That's what you want. I chose Chilean Sea Bass and Chateau Briant. The steak was thick, perfectly done to each request and cut like butter. The Bass was exquisite. The service was prompt, courteous and anticipatory--they asked people if they needed help or service of any kind. I could not have been happier. They also handled my table decor, etc.
 I did some extra decorating--I used the corner shelves and mantle to display
family pictures. It ended up being both elegant and homey--as though we were
entertaining in a beautiful estate. We had the cocktail hour in the huge kitchen with the fireplace. There was plenty of room for people to wander outside on the terrace, so the kids were happy too. It was in March, so an outside wedding was prohibited, but that would be smashing too. I think you are making a wonderful choice. Mountain Lakes let me bring things ahead of time and store them in the office. I was able to stock bathrooms, etc. My colors were sage green and ivory. Ultimate had tablecloths in my green with overlay table cloths in a shimmery green. I chose napkins with a green band. They printed the most elegant menu--even with my green in a heart on the top. They remembered everything and listened and executed my smallest wish. That's what you need on your big day--not more stress. My florist provided very high glass stands on mirrors with sprays of flowers at the top. Candles were placed all around them.  All in all, Ultimate is a great choice, and Mountain Lakes is beautiful.--a perfect, serene, pastoral setting. I think you made the best choice and will get raves from guest who are well taken care, great food and beautiful surroundings. It's so private--not in a more public venue.
Judy Finaldi

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